Finite Element Analysis

Each element designed in Orza goes through for a strict anaiysis using finite elements software. Also, we have a high quality standard for our production.

Orza workers have more than 20 years of experience in the aquaculture sector.

Orza engineers are recognized for their knowledge to take the best decision to solve any problems.

Cage assembly and disassembly

Of the movements of structures that the current industry demands, Orza makes inventories of parts and pieces that allows the reassembly of a center minimizing the variability of missing elements.

ORZA Company

Orza is a company focused on design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of aquaculture cages and floating structures for salmon farming. The company began operations in 2012. Orza workers have more than 20 years of experience in the aquaculture sector.

Our Products

The company offers a personalized design and engineering proposals according the requirements of each costumer. All cages comply the most highest standard to ensure the material quality and the construction process. The cages that Orza offers to the market vary according to the requirements of each client (between 30 x 30 meters throug 50 x 50 meters). The steel cages are protected to the corrosion with a process with a hot deep galvanized under ASTM-123-A standard.
Accurate mixing between resistance and the capacity to absorb the dynamic energy. This innovation provide a time and cost reduction increasing the durabiiity of the pieces.
Floating structure with a complete and efficient silage equipment. Designed with modern architectural lines and under strict shipbuilding standards. Automatic mortality extraction works together with the silage system without human intervention. The pontoon has 9 meters length, 6 meters beam and 2 meters draft. It come in two versions: 40 cubic meters and 60 cubic meters. The system process approx 2.000 kilograms per hour. It´s means better performance in the controlof massive mortalities.
Orza makes recreational docks adapted to the specific requirements of each client. It consist in a steel frame structure galvanized to prevent the corrosion. Also, the deck is intreated wood,
Orza designs and manufacturs anchors and floating platforms, among other solutions for the industry.

Our Clients

Engineering and Development

Our quality standards and manufacturing control have a rigorous review system throughout the process that allows us to have the traceability and history of each project we develop.



This week, Ignacio Villanueva, Industrial Civil Engineer, with experience in the maritime transport industry, joins the Orza team. The


Orza rewards its most outstanding supervisor

To highlight the work carried out by the supervisors of the Services area, ORZA decided to establish recognition for


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