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The company has managed to establish methodologies for monitoring repeated failures, which allow to anticipate collapses and transform a large part of corrective actions into preventive actions.

Company ORZA

"Orza is a company formed by aquaculture professionals with vast experience. Since its inception, Orza has been constantly investing in innovation, both in its products and its services."

2012: Started its operations focused on the area of the maintenance of the metal aquiculture cages. 2013: The company was positioned in the market and begins with the manufacture of cages for fattening at sea. 2015: Orza created a Research and Development Department. Among its objectives is to increase the performance of the pieces and elements made by the company. At the end of that same year, the company developed the Orza Strength Equipment, a machine designed for structural alignment and change of pins in the cages. 2016: After more than 20 field trials, Orza managed to launch a pin that is characterized by combining polyurethane and silicone. This innovation meant saving the time, costs and durability of the pieces for the industry. 2018: Until that year, the aquaculture industry had been working with cages of 40x40 meters. Despite that, the company set himself the challenge to explore further and, with Corfo's support, Orza developed cages of 60 x 60 meters. 2019: The Company designs a new Silage Pontoon System with complete equipment and efficient technology. This is a great advance for customers because they don’t require another company to equip the rest of the system.



We want our customers to recognize us as a specialist company and leader in floating structures solutions. We will always focus on the requirements of our clients. We are motivated and will strive to offer our technical expertise in all the process: services, designs and manufacturing.



We must be a company with a great team, who deliver an efficient, professional and committed service. Innovation and continuous improvement will be our north, adding value to our customers and the company.

Our Team

Our team has a high experience in the aquaculture area and especially in the maintenance of floating structures, where each member is a team leader with ample resolution, propositive and development engineering, thus supporting the real commitment we acquire with each of our customers. Human Resources Policy The skills and competencies of our staff will be the decisive factors on which the company's success depends, it will be subject to a solid base in human resources management, committing to ensure its development and must be respected in all circumstances.