A group of professionals has been meeting to coordinate the best strategies for any eventuality related to the coronavirus emergency within the Orza´s company.

The “Orza Crisis Committee” was officially formed this Thursday, June 18, and will be responsible for generating the necessary instances and measures to avoid any risk in the daily work of the workers and in the relationship with customers.

The members of the committee are Luis Caro, General Manager; Karina Legue, Head of the Services Area; Ilivette Bastidas, Head of Human Resources; and safety managers, Yobet Diedrichs and José Miguel Hernández.

“Doing our best to protect our employees and thus ensure compliance with our services to customers is essential,” said Luis Caro, General Manager of the company, adding that “as the days go by, new provisions will be implemented for the preventive management of the Covid-19 ”.

As urgent measures, the committee should: review that all internal procedures following the regulations of the health authority; reinforce the stock of personal protection elements for all Orza workers; not skimp on communicational actions and preventive talks for workers and collaborators; implement the Covid 19 prevention plan according to the model of the Asociación Chilena de Seguridad (ACHS); verify the correct sanitation and disinfection of facilities, vehicles and common spaces; among other preventive measures.