Orza´s new Administration and Finance Manager


Javier Guglielmi Hernández is an Accountant Auditor of the Universidad Austral de Chile.

In October, Javier Guglielmi Hernández assumed as new Administration and Finance Manager of Orza. The professional, originally from Ancud, is an Accountant Auditor of the Universidad Austral de Chile and has a vast experience in the salmon industry.

His appointment occurs during a successful 2019. This year, Orza expanded its product offering, adding a new silage system that includes pontoons and a grinding equipment with a process capacity of approximately 2000 kilos per hour.

Guglielmi said that his main motivation to enter Orza is the important expansion potential of the company, its differentiation and its interesting market positioning. “Orza has a very good credibility, from our engineers and also because they are national capitals. You have to rescue that, it’s hard to be national capitals”.

In that line, he added that in this expansion process he hopes to contribute with knowledge and experience. “I have always worked hard thinking for 5 years, at least. Today we have to solve the problems that could happen in 5 years (…). I intend to contribute in what it means to lay more foundations in what is structuring, automation of processes, ordering procedures, introducing technology, seeking efficiency in procedures and, in general, taking a qualitative leap in the business structure ”.

Extensive experience

Javier Guglielmi has a broad curriculum that includes work in Camanchaca as Head of Management and Accounting Control; Dani Chile Group as General Controller; Salmones Humboldt as Deputy Manager and Administration and Finance Manager; Cermaq as Control Manager; among others.

“My career started in Camanchaca. I was there for 8 years. I went through different departments focused on Administration and Finance. Later, in 2007 I left Salmon Humboldt.. I was more than eleven and a half years in Humboldt, including the time when the merger with Cermaq Chile occurred, ”Guglielmi explained.