Orza and Chilean delegation make successful commercial tour of Norway


General Manager, Luis Caro, participated with Endeavor in exhibitions, visits to aquaculture companies, meetings with investors and in AquaNor 2019.

As a success, Luis Caro, General Manager of Orza, described his time in Norway and his participation as a company in different activities organized by Endeavor.

The executive said the goal of opening new spaces for the sale of Orza equipment and services was met. In addition, the instance served to know the new technologies that are being used in Europe and their impact on future aquaculture products in Chile.

Luis Caro said that “on this trip we learned how Norwegian industry works. Endeavor carried out excellent planning: we were in contact with salmon farmers and all supply networks. For example, at Innovation Norway we meet industry suppliers and we exchange ideas of what they do and what we do. We saw that the Norwegians solve their problems together, through Innovation Norway. This situation doesn´t happen in Chile and we must learn that lesson. They have taken a lot of advantage because they have been able to work together and in Chile we continue working individually”.

“Now we have the great opportunity to capture what we learned in Norway. We have to change many standards of what we do to become more productive, reducing maintenance, investment, operation costs and we have to be able to do it”, Caro added.

For Anette Krohn, Manager of Endeavor Patagonia and leader of the team that traveled to Norway, the tour will have positive repercussions for Orza and other local entrepreneurs.

“Traveling with this group of Chilean aquaculture entrepreneurs has been an incredible experience. The warm reception that our entrepreneurs have found in their Norwegian colleagues, as well as the joint opportunities that we detected along the trip, makes us appreciate the relationship that can be developed between Norwegian and Chilean entrepreneurs, and where companies like Orza, with expertise, experience, innovation and high level service, have so much to contribute. I just can say that we look forward to the news about sales, cross-representation and the joint developments than will result from this Norway industry tour”, said Anette Krohn.

Orza participated with 17 other Chilean companies in an important tour to learn about the aquaculture opportunities in Norway. The activity was organized by Endeavor, in collaboration with Innovation Norway and SalmonChile.

Chilean entrepreneurs visited companies in the aquaculture supply network Bergen and Trondheim cities, held meetings with Norwegian investors and they were part of the AquaNor with a stand provided by ProChile.