Orza is looking for new business opportunities in Mexico


Orza arrived in Ensenada, Baja California, to participate in the 2nd International Mariculture Symposium. This, within the framework of the Node “Exportación Proveedores de Bienes y Servicios para la Acuicultura de México” organized by Prochile, Corfo, Fudea-Ufro and the Programa Estratégico Mesoregional (PEM) Salmón Sustentable.

Orza, along with 8 other Chilean companies, presented the wide range of products and services in the aquaculture area.

For Juan Vergara, Project Manager of ORZA, this experience “allowed us to know the reality of the Mexican local industry. Although this is a survey, we are confident in a promising future, because the destination has a good projection in the aquaculture area”.

Vergara added that ORZA feels in good standing to offer its services in Mexico. “With our experience of more than 20 years in the salmon industry, our products and services, and the great experience we have in the construction of steel cages, pontoons and other naval structures, we believe that we have great possibilities. For now, we will adapt our offer and strengthen relationships with the contacts we have already achieved in Mexico”.