Orza presents a new and complete silage pontoon


The system has modern architectural lines and greater capacity which means an approximate yield of 2,000 kilos per hour.

To deliver more and better products to the aquaculture industry, Orza recently launched a new silage pontoon that speeds up the process of treating mortality in the centers.

The pontoon – 9 meters long, 6 meters wide and 2 meters high – has two versions: 40 cubic meters and 60 cubic meters. Inside, the silage equipment, developed exclusively by Orza, has an approximate yield of 2,000 kilos per hour, which allows a better performance in the management of massive mortalities.

Luis Caro, General Manager of the company, says that this latest innovation “represents a great advance for the industry that will work with greater capacities and therefore, the material that they can collect is significantly greater than what existed as of June 2019”.

Also, this product is designed to automate processes. “In the future, mortality will be manipulated by automatic extraction from the module and the grinding equipment will receive the load directly, without human intervention,” says Luis Caro.

Improved design

The General Manager indicates that this new pontoon stands out for its “modern architecture, which is more aligned with the habitability pontoons. It is no longer the typical ugly and square shed. This shed has more modern architectural lines”.

On the other hand, in addition to being in line with current sanitary regulations, its preparation was carried out under strict shipbuilding regulations. “For this pontoon we have Itos (Technical Inspectors) of quality control recognized in the shipbuilding industry, in addition to the great experience of the naval engineers working in the company.”

“This is a quality leap for the company because we had previously built 13 pontoons without the interior equipment. And now we are launching a product with greater quality control, better finishes, better technology and adjusted to the needs of our customers, ”said Caro.