Orza will build 10 silage pontoons for an important company


Last month, Orza presented a new and complete silage pontoon and now the company has several orders. This week the company received an order for 10 silage systems and the construction and other 3 companies have already expressed interest in having these pontoons.

Fernando Aguilar, Services Manager, said: “It seems fantastic that after the presentation of the pontoon we have this closeness with customers. This means that we are aligned with the industries requires”.

The Orza pontoon is a floating structure with a complete and efficient silage equipment. Designed with modern architectural lines and under strict shipbuilding standards. The pontoon has 9 meters length, 6 meters beam and 2 meters draft. It come in two versions: 40 cubic meters and 60 cubic meters.

Automatic mortality extraction works together with the silage system without human intervention. The system process approx 2.000 kilograms per hour. It´s means better performance in the control of massive mortalities.

The grinding equipment is made of stainless steel, its knives and crushing column are easily removable and interchangeable. This includes independent electrical panel and formic acid metering pump. The system allows incorporate level and PH control technology.