Orza will increase worker base salary to $ 500,000 liquids


After the announcements made this week by the Quiñenco holding company, owned by Andrónico Luksic, who reported that since January 1, 2020, the minimum salary for all their workers will rise to $ 500,000, many companies joined the initiative. Orza also adopted a measure along the same lines.

These announcements occur amid manifestations of social unrest throughout Chile. Among other things, protesters request to reduce income inequality.

The general manager of Orza, Luis Caro, explained that from next December they will increase the base salary for their workers to $ 500,000 pesos: “for some time we have analyzed raising the base salary in our company, and what happened in recent days gave us the final impulse Our company has more than 100 employees, we are aware of our social responsibility ”.

The executive added that “more than a challenge, we believe it is an opportunity and the first step to improve the conditions of all the people in our team.”

Caro finally made a call: “We expect many companies to join this, especially those in our area. Here in the Los Lagos region, aquaculture is the main source of employment, both directly and through companies that provide services to the industry like us. We are a sector that is working hard to be more sustainable every day, not only in environmental matters, but also in the way we take care of our workers. ”