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In addition to the high level of engineers and professionals, Orza applies constant innovation and strict quality standards in their designs, ensuring competitive advantages to their products.



The company offers a personalized design and engineering proposals according the requirements of each constumer. All cages comply the most highest standard to ensure the material quality and the construction process.

Technical advantages

The implementation of innovation in the cages design has allowed Orza to develop more resistant connections and integrated bushings inside the beams. This translates into robust cages, resistant and with excellent performance in adverse climates and adjusted to strict standards.

The cages that Orza offers to the market are between 30 x 30 meters throug 50 x 50 meters. The steel cages are protected to the corrosion with a process with a hot deep galvanized under ASTM-123- A standard.

Orza has managed to consolidate itself in the market with more than 400 cages in the water and with a constantly growing client base.



The Orza pin is a accurate mixing between resistance and the capacity to absorb the dynamic energy. This original design of Orza stands out for its great quality, which is reflected in its excellent performance.

Technical advantages

The materials used to make the hub and the galvanized pin have proven strength, as well as a very competitive price. In the industry it is possible to find Orza pins operating for more than 18 months, without replacement. Its particular design also allows to save more than 30% of time when extracting and changing the Orza Pin.

This innovation provide a time and cost reduction increasing the durability of the pieces.


Floating structure with a complete and efficient silage equipment for the control of fish mortality.

The pontoon has 9 meters lenght, 6 meters beam and 2 meters draft. It come in two version: 40 cubic meters and 60 cubic meters.

Automatic mortality extraction works together with the silage system witout human intervention.

Technical advantages

The system process approx. 2.000 kilograms per hour. It’s means better performance in the control of massive mortalities.



Orza designs and manufacturs anchors and floating platforms, recreational docks, among other solutions for the industry like pins, handrails, Saint Andrew’s Cross, predators nets, buoys, lifebuoy carrier and other implements.



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The company carries out inspections in order to establish the frequency of maintenance according to the degree of exposure of our customers centers.
Maintenance service aims at the optimal operation of the cages structures. Different types of maintenance are defined as corrective, preventive and assurance. The Orza system transforms corrective maintenance into preventive maintenance in the medium term. It supposes a decrease in maintenance costs.
The company prepares technical and statistical reports for each client. With this data, customers can know critical costs and spare parts at all times.
Orza performs inventories of parts and pieces for the rearming of an aquaculture center. This minimizes the variability of missing elements.
Orza have a work force along the south of Chile to maintain the structures in optimal conditions.