Aquaculture entrepreneurs will be relevant to Los Lagos region economic revival


On Tuesday, July 7, Los Lagos region authorities met with entrepreneurs linked to Endeavor Patagonia -a leading network in support of high-impact entrepreneurs – with the aim of discussing the potential and role of local entrepreneurs for the uprising of the economy in the emergency context.

The meeting was attended by the Intendente Harry Jürgensen and the seremi of Economy Francisco Muñoz, along with members of the Endeavor Network, including Manuel Rozas and Eduardo Wallach of the company Kura Biotech, Rebeca Gálvez from Fertum, Gonzalo Santamarina and Patricio Catalán from Innovex, Gonzalo Rojas from Ersil, Luis Caro from Orza, Egon Kiessling of Plus Industrial, as well as Endeavor Patagonia manager, Anette Krohn.

Jürgensen explained that during the meeting “we shared a fruitful conversation with entrepreneurs from the Endeavor network, where we listened to their different opinions regarding the emergency we are going through and how, from their respective areas of innovation and entrepreneurship, they can collaborate to face to the covid-19 pandemic”-

Along these lines, the manager of Endeavor Patagonia, Anette Krohn, emphasized that “these types of instances with the authorities and the entrepreneurial ecosystem are very valuable in jointly seeking ways to mitigate the economic impact that the pandemic is having in the region. In crisis situations, we see the ability of entrepreneurs to seek innovative solutions to current challenges, whether with technology, products and services that seek to minimize impacts and that will undoubtedly contribute to the revival of the economy”.